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Created on 2009-12-05 22:51:26 (#462648), last updated 2009-12-09 (406 weeks ago)

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Name:Four Walls
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community devoted to wallpapered interiors.
Welcome to Four Walls, a community devoted to wallpaper!

This community invites members to post images of wallpapered interiors. These may be personal photographs of contemporary or historic rooms, they might also be the sample images offered by wallpaper design companies, they could also be photos of your current wallpaper project. If it's wallpaper in building rather than on a computer, this is the place for it!

Discussion is also welcome; however, I would prefer that the focus of this community be on aspects of design rather than how-to application/removal etc - that information is widely available from dozens of other sites and forums on the internet.

A Few Rules:

1. When posting images please be courteous and use the cut tags; instructions are available here. One preview image above the cut is permitted.

2. If you are posting sample images provided by a company, please save the images and upload them to a private site such as photobucket instead of hotlinking. This way if the company stops producing a particular design, your post to this community will remain intact.

Interests (19):

crystallographic correspondence, decor, decorative arts, design, florence broadhurst, gravure printing, interior design, interiors, orbifold notation, ornament, print, rotary printing, screen-printing, the arts and crafts movement, the seventeen wallpaper groups, vintage wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper groups, william morris
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